FAQ Circus Troupe performs “We Don't Need Another Hero”

posted by trapeze


8:00 PM
Saturday, August 9


Austine School Gym, 209 Austine Dr., Brattleboro, VT 05301


This innovative, contemporary circus show is presented at the New England Center for Circus Arts as a residency project to support the works of emerging circus artists. "Frequently Asked Questions", is a company made up of 10 circus friends, classmates and coworkers, recent graduates from the acclaimed National Circus School of Canada, who share the dream of creating a new American circus company. They are all first generation circus artists and each of them has their own unique story of how they came to the circus. Through a mix of circus, dance and theatre, “We Don't Need Another Hero is a courageous journey of shedding away our alter egos to unveil fragility and vulnerability as human beings.  www.faqcircus.com


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