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Affordability a top concern for TM voters
by Mike Eldred
Mar 19, 2018 | 0 0 comments | 0 0 recommendations | email to a friend
WILMINGTON- Affordability was one of the top issues for voters at last week’s Town Meeting, during a discussion session with Rep. John Gannon. Gannon, who also serves as a Wilmington Selectboard me...
Residents cautioned to be vigilant about rabies
by Lauren Harkawik
Mar 18, 2018 | 0 0 comments | 19 19 recommendations | email to a friend
JACKSONVILLE - A few recent occurrences around the valley have put rabies and other wildlife-related diseases in focus.  According to Vermont game warden Richard Watkin, last month in Jacksonville,...
Officials warn about feeding wildlife
by Lauren Harkawik
Mar 17, 2018 | 0 0 comments | 7 7 recommendations | email to a friend
WILMINGTON - Interactions between people and wildlife continue to lead to potentially dangerous conditions for both humans and animals in the valley, according to Vermont game warden Richard Watkin...

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